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Explore Exciting Date Ideas

Looking for a fun and unique way to plan your next date? Look no further than our brand new AI date suggestion generator! Give it a try today and spice up your dating life!


Where connections flourish
& local businesses thrive

Welcome to SlingShott, where dating meets community. We're not just a dating app; we're a movement, bringing people together while boosting the heartbeat of local businesses. Every date is an opportunity for something extraordinary.

What makes SlingShott special?

Support Local

Discover a revolutionary approach to dating with our Local Business integration. We show local businesses to you as personalized date suggestions, creating the opportunity for you to meet, match, and explore local!

Personalized MatchMaking

Our matchmaking system considers your personality and preferences, offering personalized date suggestions for a more meaningful connection. Say goodbye to generic dates, and embrace experiences tailored just for you.

Better Experiences

By focusing on local businesses, SlingShott doesn't just connect people; it enriches communities. Join us in supporting local economies and be part of a movement that transforms the way we date and engage with our surroundings.

Join Our Waitlist

Ready to embark on a journey where every date is extraordinary? Join our waitlist now and be one of the first to experience a new era of dating, community, and connection.

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