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Our mission

Revolutionize the online dating landscape by fostering genuine connections while boosting local economies

We believe that every date is an opportunity for something extraordinary, not only in personal connections but also in supporting the vibrant tapestry of local businesses! 


Our goal is to simplify the dating experience, making it enjoyable, affordable, and community-focused. By creating this unique model, we aim to create a win-win scenario for users and local businesses, enriching lives while contributing to the growth of our communities.

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Meet the Team



Founder & CEO

Meet our founder, Faith! She is an ambitious and driven entrepreneur currently pursuing a concentration in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science at Harvard University. With a proven track record as the former Co-founder and CTO of a startup valued at $2 million, she brings invaluable experience in leading a venture from inception. She is excited about the prospect of not only revolutionizing the dating app landscape but also empowering small business owners through a platform that offers a cost-effective solution for businesses to tap into a growing social network.

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Director of Social Media Strategy & Outreach

Sheryl is a junior studying graphic design and computer science at Boston University. She is interested in the intersection of design and anthropology, specifically how innovation/design can serve as a site of sociality. She is excited to apply her interests to SlingShott, a platform setting out to revolutionize the way people online date. Alongside SlingShott and her academic commitments, she serves as Marketing Manager of BU's student-led design studio, FORGE, as well as layout designer for student magazines Strike and Untangle.

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Lead UI/UX Designer

Meet Grace, SlingShott's Lead UI/UX Designer! Before SlingShott, she was a UI/UX designer for clients at Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) Dev and designed for campus organizations ranging from Fig Magazine to Datamatch. She is excited to help bring the vision of SlingShott to life through intuitive user experiences.

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